Falsely Accused of a Crime - Can I Sue for Defamation?

By HG.org
Accusations of criminal conduct can result in job loss, damaged reputation in the community, family disruptions, and other damages. When those accusations turn out to be false, the target of the false accusation may be able to bring a civil lawsuit for slander or libel.

Child Neglect - When Is It a Crime?

By HG.org
Neglect of a child is considered a form of abuse. Generally, neglect is described as the failure of a parent or caregiver to provide food, shelter, clothing, or medical care. It can also be the failure to supervise a child to a degree that the child’s health, safety, and well-being could result in physical or emotional harm and injury. Criminal neglect may result in the responsible adult being placed in jail or prison and the child being removed from the home.

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Turkey: Lease Agreement and Legal Nature

By Kalem Law Office
A lease agreement is a contract that stipulates the transfer of the right to use and benefit from a property to another person for a certain price and gives rise to a personal right. However, in order to make it possible to assert it against everyone, Article 312 of the Code of Obligations stipulates that lease agreements can be annotated to the deed.

Private and Open Joint Stock Companies in Romania

By Camelia Enescu C.a. / Legality Law Firm
Although it is the legal act that regulates the establishment and operation of companies, Law 31/1990 does not give us a clear definition of closed or open joint stock companies. The definition of the types of closed or open companies is the result of an overall study of the legislation governing the two types of company

Annulment of Objections on Enforcement in Turkey

By ADMD Law Office
In Turkey, debt enforcement proceedings are divided into two categories: enforcement proceedings with a judgment and enforcement proceedings without a judgment. In enforcement proceedings with a judgment (based on a court decision already obtained), the enforcement proceedings can be carried out for all kinds of receivables. However, this is not the case for proceedings without a judgment (which can be carried out directly and without the need for a court decision). Article 42 of the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law No. 2004 (EBL) published in the Official Gazette dated June 19, 1932, and No. 2128. stipulates that “Enforcement proceedings for the payment of a sum of money or the provision of a collateral shall commence with a request for enforcement proceedings and shall be carried out through attachment, foreclosure of a pledge or bankruptcy” and can only be used for money and collateral receivables.
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